What’s it Like at Everlief?

You will receive a warm and friendly welcome when you arrive at Everlief Child Psychology. Once you have made an initial appointment, we will invite you to come and meet with us for an assessment session. Depending on your concerns about your child, and his or her age, we may not invite your child in the first instance. Older children and teenagers are almost always invited as we would want them to be actively involved in the assessment wherever possible. We may ask to meet your whole family, particularly if we feel that the difficulties are impacting on everybody. You will all be warmly welcomed in reception. There is tea/coffee/fresh water available, and some toys and books in a comfy waiting area. When it is time for your appointment, your psychologists will come out and greet you, before inviting you into one of our 3 cosy consulting rooms, which are equipped with toys, paper and colouring pens. Your psychologist will try to put both children and adults at their ease throughout your meeting. In the first appointment they will ask a lot of questions about your family, your child’s strengths, and the difficulties you are facing. They will be interested in parents’, children’s and siblings’ opinions. They will also ask you what you have tried so far, to help. They may ask you to complete a questionnaire. At the end of your assessment appointment the psychologist will sum up his/her understanding of the situation and what they believe may help. They may recommend a series of therapy sessions, or another course of action. You will receive a written report around 1 week later. Initial appointments and therapy appointments last one hour. Some follow-up appointments last half an hour. Contact us for more information