““It’s good. You learn some life skills and if you actually do the practice you’ll be better. I learned about worries, standing up for yourself and managing bad thoughts.” Barnaby, aged 9

“L is doing very well since he completed his sessions with Everlief. It has helped him, and us, tremendously and he his is applying what he has learned in daily life. We can see he is a happier boy, much more relaxed, confident, open and doing well in school. He has been challenged, but demonstrated the ability to get through it and leave it behind. We are very happy with the result and the wonderful support of his psychologist.” Mrs B, mother -December 2016

“Just a quick email to say a massive thank you to yourself and all your staff at Everlief. The service you provide is excellent, every little detail is just right. Lovely surroundings, nice coffee, fabulous magazines, efficient, effective communication, friendly staff to put us at ease and the most amazingly talented practitioners. I hope we are on the way to sorting my son out. He has really benefited from his sessions and was very sad to finish them. I have recommended you to other people and we may see you in the future if needed. Keep up the good work.” Mrs T, mother -October 2016

“This is just a quick note to say a massive thank you!!! You’ll be pleased to know my daughter sat both the 11+ practice test and the actual test 2 days later! She said she answered all the questions in the time and although felt a little anxious, just focused and did it!!!!” She came out extremely happy and confident. We couldn’t have got there without your help and guidance. To think 3/4 months ago she couldn’t even sit a 10 minute spelling test is outstanding. Thank you so much once again. Mrs M, mother -September 2016

“Please could you let the team know that my daughter has had an amazing week at School. She has talked about a few moments where she has felt anxious but recalled using Everlief’s strategies to help her deal with them. She feels very much welcomed by pupils and staff. The organisation has been great which helps her to feel safer. She has made friends and started lunchtime clubs. Many thanks for all the support that you have given us over this challenging year. We know there will still be challenges but this is a very good start.” Mrs J, mother -September 2015

“I hope that you are well; I know it’s been almost a year since we last saw you, but I thought you might like to hear some success stories! X has been working really hard to remember everything that you’ve taught him. Not everything has been successful and we’ve had a few inevitable set backs; however he has managed sleepovers at his uncle’s house and at a friend’s house. He’s also managed to take part in a swimming gala (which his team won!) and his biggest success to date is that he managed to go away with school for a two day residential. He had the most fantastic time and now realises that he doesn’t need to let the anxiety from stopping him doing the things that he wants to do! Thank you again for all of your help and support – he couldn’t have done it without you.” Mrs A, mother – April 2015

“Thank you for all your help and support with our daughter over the last 6 months. Your help and structured approach has helped us all, as a family, work our way through the challenges we faced. Fingers crossed we are well on the way to normality – whatever that may be!” Mrs T, mother – September 2014

“I just wanted to write to let you know what a huge difference Everlief’s work with my son has made to us. We are such a long way from where we were when we first came to see you and I am immensely grateful. We had a fantastic summer and he has started year 5 with great gusto. True to character!” Mrs G, mother – September 2014

“I just wanted to let you know that our daughter has spent an amazing 5 days on her school trip, with all her school friends. I have had daily updates from the teachers and they said she has not been fazed by anything!! She did wobble when I dropped her off at school on Monday morning, there were tears, but the relaxation techniques worked well. She made it on to the bus and spent the journey smiling and quite cheery. She has had no problems at all at bedtime. She was in with the 3 other girls and slept well. She has taken part in ALL the daytime activities! I have no doubt at all that she will come back today with a huge amount of confidence!

You have done such an amazing job. I know you said, very modestly, that it was team work, but in the 4 years I have been searching for someone to help my daughter and make her that happy child again, we only succeeded when we started visiting you. 4 months ago she could barely go to school and a school residential was never going to be a possibility. Now I feel like we have won the lottery!! My husband and I have spent the last week grinning like Cheshire cats. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us our child back!!!” Mrs P, mother – May 2014

“Please pass on a big “Thank you” to your psychologist for her work with my daughter. As a result of her therapy work, my daughter was able to be away from home and feel able to manage her symptoms with confidence. Many thanks for a wonderful service..” Mrs J, mother – January 2014

“We contacted Everlief when we discovered our teenage daughter was self harming and considering suicide. She was victim to a gang like culture at school, emotional bullying and had the added pressure of GCSE’s. We felt completely out of our depth and sought help through the school, a counsellor and doctor without progress. Being in the hands of experts was very reassuring and the action plan immediately gave us all hope. Our daughter’s confidence and self esteem grew over 4 months and she is now back on track and enjoying normal teenage life. Probably the most important point of all is that by getting help from the country’s best, everything was expertly addressed and the episode can now be looked upon as an educational rather than haunting experience.” Mrs H, mother – July 2013

“We were delighted with the service we got from Lucy and the team at Everlief. Having had a 3 year old son who has been through a lot of trauma as a result of surgery and the required after care, having someone we could talk to about his behavior was a welcome.”Mrs T, mother – January 2013

“Working with Everlief made a positive difference very quickly. Their advice was insightful but also realistic and practical and has really helped us to help our child.” Mrs J, mother – October 2012

“We put all of your suggestions into place and everything is going very much better indeed. Bed-time is now a lovely part of the day, unthinkable 2 months ago. Thanks to your advice, I am now feeling much more confident that I am doing things right and this makes the difficult times much easier to deal with and react positively to. So all in all – hugely improved! Thank you so much for your help and advice, it has really changed our family life for the better.” Dr L, mother – September 2012

“Just wanted to express my thanks. “Although I was sceptical when my wife first suggested seeing a child psychologist, we have seen huge benefits in our daughter and things at home have improved in great strides.” Mr B, father – September 2012

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