Josh’s Story

All stories are examples of the way psychological treatment can be helpful, and are not real

Josh is fifteen. He used to be a happy, carefree boy with a great sense of humour, always telling jokes. For at least six months he has been feeling that his life is out of control, and sometimes feels it is pointless. He has been struggling at school, and doesn’t know how he is going to get through his GCSEs. Music is everything to him, and since he failed his grade 6 guitar exam earlier in the year, he has been withdrawn and spent a lot of time in his room, barely picking up his guitar. Last week his girlfriend Elise finished with him, saying she didn’t think they were having fun anymore. Josh told Paul, his Dad, that his life is no longer worth living, and Paul decided to seek help for his son.

How could Everlief help?

If a young person is depressed and is not already being seen by a psychiatrist, psychologists at Everlief may recommend this. Depending on the severity of their depression, the young person may require some medication alongside talking therapy.

The psychologist at Everlief would carry out an assessment, including assessment of the risk of Josh harming himself.

The psychologist may recommend a course of therapy for Josh. This may involve:

  • Helping Josh to feel less overwhelmed by his life, by breaking down his worries and concerns and looking at them individually.
  • Using a solution-focused approach to encourage Josh to think about how he would like his life to be, and breaking this journey into small, manageable steps.
  • Using cognitive therapy techniques to help Josh identify and challenge the thoughts that are making him feel low.
  • Undertake activity scheduling, which would help Josh balance his mood by making time each day for short bursts of pleasurable or satisfying activities.
  • Involving Josh’s parents (with his permission), in ensuring “the basics” of healthy everyday life are in place such as healthy eating,  a sleep routine and exercise, as these can have a profound effect on mood.
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