Educational Psychology Assessments

There may be occasions where we feel an Educational Psychologist is best placed to help you. This may be because the child’s difficulties predominantly concern their education. Everlief offers a wide range of educational psychology services to parents and schools. Please give us a call to talk through your requirements.

Benefits of using Everlief:

  • When schools are paying: There is no minimum contracts…simply book in time as you need it
  • For schools and parents: Everlief reports are considered valid by Buckinghamshire County Council
  • For schools and parents: We tailor our support to meet your needs
  • WISC (wechsler intelligence scale for children) cognitive assessment

    Here we arrange for a cognitive assessment for your child. The report and recommendations follow within a few days. The WISC (wechsler intelligence scale for children) is used to assess the general thinking and reasoning skills of children aged 6 years to 16 years and 11 months. This test has five index scores: Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory, Processing Speed, and a Full Scale score. The WPPSI (wechsler preschool and primary scale of intelligence) is similar but is for younger children aged 2.5-7.5. The cost for a WISC or WPPSI in 2014 is £400.

    Full Educational Assessment

  • Consultation with parents and teachers to understand history and what has been tried previously
  • Approx 3 hours of observation and assessment
  • Summing up/action planning with school staff – & family
  • Report within a week
  • Educational assessments cost £750 plus travel
  • All the following services are charged at £120 per hour:

    Educational Consultation

  • Aimed at refining action plans where previous interventions have not achieved desired results
  • Mentoring/supervision of teachers

  • May be most suitable for Newly Qualified Teachers
  • Staff training

  • Bespoke – please call with your needs
  • School-based project work

  • Issue selected by the school and we carry out a series of observations, focus groups with staff & pupils, & providing written feedback & evidence-based suggestions to the school.
  • Contact us for more information

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