Nicola Gorringe

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Chartered and HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist (MSc. Clin. Psy. C.Psychol). I am a registered Clinical psychologist with over 10 years experience working with children and families in the NHS.

Nicola Gorringe is a clinical psychologist:

  • Until the start of 2014 I have worked in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) in Lincolnshire, York, London and most recently Hemel Hempstead.
  • I have additional training and many years experience as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist working with children suffering from anxiety (panic, OCD, social phobia, phobia, generalised anxiety), low mood, low self-esteem and anger problems.
  • I have been a guest lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire Clinical Psychology Doctoral Training Course teaching Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children.
  • I have a number of years experience working in the field of chronic pain and chronic fatigue.
  • I have also been the lead clinician in a service for children with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and challenging behavior, aimed at helping families to understand and manage the very complex challenges that their children may present.
  • Nicola Gorringe’s Special Interests

    In addition to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, my practice is very much influenced by Attachment and Social Learning models of child development. As such, I am particularly interested in understanding the emotional reasons underlying children’s difficulties. I aim to support children and their parents to develop the warm, responsive and positive relationships that provide the foundation for self-esteem and emotional wellbeing from infancy through to adolescence.

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