Learning Disabilities and Learning Difficulties

At Everlief we provide support for families who suspect their child may have a learning difficulty or disability. The two terms can be easily confused, including by professionals/services!
  • ‘Learning difficulty’ is an educational term and means a problem with a specific area of learning, for example, reading or maths
  • ‘learning disability’ refers to more general and pervasive problems, arising from impaired cognitive functioning (IQ), and as a consequence struggles/needs support with ‘activities of daily living’, including academic learning, self-care, relationships, practical tasks, behaviour & independence. Development will be slower and perhaps less predictable for these children, and well tailored support can be particularly crucial in enabling them to reach their full potential.
  • For an educational assessments for learning difficulties, please look here Educational Psychology Information

    However you may prefer to meet our Learning Disability specialist Dr Rabhya Dewshi

    Please call us to discuss your specific, needs but here is a general outline of what we can offer:

    Full Learning disability assessment:

    Determining whether a child has a learning disability, and/or some other diagnosis, or difficulty, including emotional or behavioural problems. Diagnosis can have a huge emotional impact, with which we can offer/provide support, but it can also be useful in understanding the child, accessing the right school and other services, and managing children to maximise their optimal development.

    Our Full learning disability assessment includes a 90 minute meeting/interview, gathering information from other sources such as school & health services, a cognitive assessment, and assessment of ‘adaptive living’ skills.

    The cost for this assessment is £630. You will receive the report ideally within a week depending on accessibility of the additional information.

    Action planning assessment:

    Whether or not you have a diagnosis, many families want to start with a set of recommendations on how to help their child. Children are complicated (!) and so often its hard to know where to start. Our team will work with you to help understand your child’s difficulties and then to prioritise the interventions that may help them.

    This will involve:

  • Producing profiles of children’s strengths and difficulties, in order to promote the most effective strategies.
  • Understanding the impact of children’s intellectual/cognitive difficulties on their behaviour, relationships, emotional well-being and academic progress.
  • Developing plans/recommendations in response to these.
  • Our “action planning assessment” last 90 minutes and result in a report which you will get within a week. The cost is £300.

    Follow-up support:

    Following either of the assessments detailed above we can help with the next stages. These might include providing support for:

  • …producing a summary report to promote shared understanding and consistent management throughout all your child’s support network
  • …working with you and your other children to promote their resilience and well-being, and positive family relationships
  • …understanding and dealing with challenging behaviours such as tantrums and physical aggression towards self or others.
  • …basic functions i.e. sleeping, eating & toileting
  • …how to relate positively and meaningfully to children with learning disabilities
  • …adolescence and the challenges of independence, sexuality & mood
  • …coming to terms with learning disability and its impact,
  • …understanding and dealing with services
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