Karen McCorry

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Karen McCorry is an Educational Psychologist:

Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology [DEdPsy , CPsychol].

Key Experience

  • Karen McCorry is a child and educational psychologist with 21 years experience of carrying out psychological assessments of children and young people from 2 – 19 years.
  • Assessing children and young people who may have dyslexia, dyspraxia, language delay, processing speed difficulties, attention difficulties, autism or emotional difficulties relating to a family situation such as divorce or bereavement.
  • Consulting with school staff to develop practical and useful interventions at school
  • Advising on appropriate support at school and school placements
  • Providing assessment advice as part of an Appeal to the Local Authority
  • Making assessments for special arrangements for examinations
  • Karen has extensive training in emotional and mental health, has written an emotional literacy programme for schools and carried out research in the area.
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