Getting a child diagnosed with Asperger syndrome

“A few months ago our daughter was assessed and diagnosed with mild Asperger’s. Having the assessments conducted privately meant the process took about a month. It was, however, a difficult time, worrying if we had done the right thing and what would a diagnosis mean. How would being labelled affect the way she was treated? I realise now that she would have been labelled anyway as being different.

Now we know and understand more about the condition life is easier, so many battles have just disappeared. The fact she will eat cheese and bread but not a cheese sandwich is no longer an issue. We have found a social skills programme to follow, and are able to explain to friends that she is not being rude when she makes factual, honest comments. We have been able to find great resources that will help her learn the rules that she cannot pick up naturally. School reinforces these rules and teachers can now make allowances for the long detailed explanations she likes to give.

We have been able to see some of the positive aspects of her condition and build on these and access systems to help manage the negatives. We feel that the more she is understood by those around her the more able she will be to cope with the demands of growing up.”


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