Dr Holly Winton

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Dr Holly Winton (PsyD, CPsychol) is a clinical psychologist

Key Experience

  • Holly is experienced in working with children and adolescents with a range of mental health, neurodevelopmental and learning difficulties, including autism spectrum disorder, depression, anxiety (generalised anxiety disorder, panic, separation anxiety and social phobia), BDD,OCD, PTSD and eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia nervosa)
  • Holly provides clinical placements supervising Oxford clinical psychology trainees and supervises trainee CBT therapists from the University of Reading
  • Holly also works as a Clinical Supervisor for the University of Reading supervising trainee CBT therapists working in adult mental health
  • Dr Holly Winton’s Special Interests

  • CBT interventions for depression, anxiety, OCD and low self-esteem
  • Working with autism and other developmental disorders
  • Behavioural interventions, including behavioural management and parenting skills with children with challenging behaviours
  • Providing clinical supervision to psychologists and CBT therapists
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