Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

At Everlief you are also able to see Dr Emilios Lemoniatis. Emilios is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with over 6 years experience working as a Consultant in the NHS.

At Everlief we offer General Initial Assessments, Shorter Follow up appointments and Therapy sessions.

Areas where you might wish to see Emilios:
  • Children and adolescents with complex behavioural and emotional difficulties.
  • Situations where there has been an experience of emotional or developmental trauma and where there may be challenging behaviours, psychiatric difficulties or issues of self-harm.
  • Children and young people where the risk can be managed without 24/7 cover.
  • Common difficulties such as ADHD, Depression, anxiety disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, emotional disorders as well as attachment difficulties, emerging personality disorders, psychosis and trauma
  • Please call Mike to discuss your requirements.

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