Child Assessments

Everlief psychologists can help with behaviour and emotional wellbeing both at home and at school. The first thing we do at Everlief is get to know all about you or your child. You may suspect that your child has a condition such as autism, and want to find out for sure. Or you may be worried about your child but not be able to put your finger on what’s wrong. Equally, you may suspect your child is gifted, and be seeking professional evidence and support in order to ensure that your child achieves his or her full potential at school. We will do a thorough and detailed assessment including taking a detailed history, observing your child in the clinic and in school/nursery, and using structured assessments or questionnaires. We will then write a detailed report to help you get the further help you need. We can also offer further follow-up support which may involve help with coming to terms with a diagnosis, or offering advice on managing your child’s condition or abilities.

Everlief has a very child friendly clinic

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